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february 2021


"our unnecessary waste" is a three illustration campaign, which speaks out on the ignorance that many of us carry when it comes to our waste. 

i really wanted to spread awareness onto this topic, that i am extremely passionate about, therefore i decided to create a series of illustrations, which explore this particular subject in detail..


firstly, i started noting down all my thoughts surrounding this issue.  i tried to answer questions, such as why this is an issue and how it has become an issue in the first place. 

when it came to sketching out ideas for this campaign, i knew i wanted a humorous take on it, therefore i decided to make all the illustrations quite funny and flirty.


after deciding all the designs in my notebook, i wanted to sketch them out in more detail onto my sketchbook, so i could see the layout and text placement more easily.

nonetheless, it helped me decide my colour palette for the project, which ended up being black, white, red and blue. 

​the next thing on my to-do list was actually cutting out the parts for my little characters.

i decided that i wanted them to look extremely 3d, therefore i used materials, such as thick card paper and actual tin-foil.


after colouring in my cut-out parts and glueing everything together, i scanned it in. this is how the illustrations were looking before any digital re-touching on Photoshop:

poster 3.JPG

i decided to add detail to my illustrations by using paint brush stokes as textures.



i thought they would look perfect as additional details as they were not too over-powering

then it was time to merge everything together in Photoshop. this is how my illustrations were looking after some altering:

toothbrush 2.jpg
jar final.jpg

when i was happy with my results, the next step was to try out some typography with these 3 illustrations. 


at first, i wanted to approach this project with digital typography.


however, i was not satisfied with my results. i felt like the text was too over-powering for my taste and the overall aesthetic i was going for. 

therefore, i made the decision of hand-writing each phrase myself and using subtle colours, so i don't take away anything from my illustrations.


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