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during may of 2020, my university organised a postcard competition, in which the chosen winner's postcard would be sent out to a NHS hospital in London.


knowing how covid-19 has put all the NHS workers under enormous amounts of pressure , i wanted to create a postcard, which would make these hard-working people feel appreciated and not alone in such a horrible situation.

to at least try and achieve that, i knew that my postcard had to be interactive in some kind of way. 

Screenshot 2020-06-13 at 11.08.52 copy.p

after brainstorming different interactive ways a postcard could be used, such as a crossword, colouring page or dot to dot, i decided that a word search would be the best choice - not too time consuming yet satisfying to complete. 

nonetheless, i wanted my card to be funny in some kind of way to spread happiness to those who received it, therefore i decided to paint a magpie wearing a comical hat for extra goofiness. 

as seen in my sketchbook, i wanted the word search to only embrace positivity

Screenshot 2020-06-13 at 11.09.10 copy.p

i recorded a brief video of me painting the magpie. during may of 2020, i was extremely interested in working with ink, therefore that was my chosen medium.

at the end of this, my postcard was sent out to a NHS hospital in London with handmade scrubs, scrub bags and headbands, which were made by the Ravensbourne Prototyping Department during the COVID-19 crisis! 

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