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during the summer of 2020, i was commissioned to create branding for a hairdresser's business. the client wanted branding to be used across their social media platforms, such as a profile picture and banner for their facebook page. the main request for the brand's design was keeping everything minimal and simple. 

i started this project by sketching different face shapes in order to decide which one would fit the brand best. by doing this, my client and i not only decided on the chosen side profile, but found out the wanted line thickness as well. Neda Hair Stylist requested slim, continuous lines.


after receiving the sketches, my client outlined the most wanted features on each face, which then helped me combine them into one singular side-profile. the outcome i created satisfied the client, therefore we settled on this design:


knowing that Neda Hair Stylist stands for healthy hair and natural hair products, it was extremely important that the brand's logo represented that. we (my client and i) both agreed that flowers would be a perfect example to natural beauty. some of the examples i created:


Neda Hair Stylist ended up really liking the daisy style, however wasn't too sure about the layout of it, therefore i helped out by providing more daisy options.


this decision helped the client visually observe all of the choices and in the end settled for a simple design:


the design process behind 


Neda Hair Stylist wanted something with a little bit more colour for the brand's facebook banner, therefore i had the opportunity to play with different colours. 

some of the banner's concept layout designs:


for the final outcome we decided to choose natural tone pastel colours, reflecting upon the natural elements and healthy hair the brand stands for.

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