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march 2021


"loneliness" is a minute and a half long animated music video, which explores mental-health issues, such as depression, that many of us experience while working and living an unwanted life-style. 

i have always adored animation, therefore i have decided that it was about time to create something myself. i wanted the final product to be meaningful and personal not only to me, but to everyone.


my biggest goal while working on this project was to keep my animation as traditional as possible.

i love how in old style animations all the lines always move in a sort of vibration pattern, therefore i knew i also wanted that in my animated music video. 

i decided that the way to achieve that particular animation feel & look was to involve lots of traditional art in the project itself. 

i really enjoy working with card paper illustration while creating art, therefore i knew that this would be a great deal of help while trying to achieve that old style animation feeling.


the overall art style i have chosen for this project was minimalistic with two leading colours, which were white and black

the only time i introduce colour into this project is at the end. colour helped indicate a happy ending

i started of this project by sketching out and developing my main character. i knew that i wanted it to be made out of a black silhouette.


after finalising my character's appearance, i began working on the storyboard itself for the whole music video project. 


i wanted my story to have a  looping feature in order to indicate that my character is lonely and upset, therefore i made sure to emphasise how repetitive his everyday life is. 

however though, to end the story happily, i introduced a new character - the abandoned kitten, which cures my characters loneliness in the end. 


whilst creating the back-drops for my animated music video, i made the decision of cutting shapes & objects out of card paper myself.  

firstly, i sketched out all my backgrounds in order to help me visualise how to cut the necessary pieces out and find out which pieces need layering in order to make them appear more realistic.


i was playing around lots with different methods of cutting out paper. i made the decision of cutting out many thin pieces out in order to create highlights on some of the objects. 


it was crucial for me to layer the cut out card pieces in order to create dimensional shadows, which helped the objects become more realistic.


the overall duration for this project was around 3 weeks. the traditional art aspect was completed within a week and afterwards the project was moved on to digital mediums by using Adobe softwares, such as Photoshop, After Effects & Premier Pro. digital drawings were drawn on Procreate

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