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     in april 2020, during the covid-19 lockdown, CanO Water organised an exciting art competition, in which anyone was able to participate by creating a fun design for their cans. the chosen theme was positivity. i was very intrigued due to the fact that anyone had access to canowater's original can template. it seemed like a nice opportunity to practice product design.

during april, i was experimenting lots with ink, therefore i attempted to paint a crocodile's head and record the whole process of doing it.





i always admire how wide crocodile smiles are, so i knew that my design had to include one.  

after finishing painting the blue crocodile, i scanned it into my computer and continued working on it digitally.

knowing that the brand, CanO Water, stands for clean water, i wanted to do something in relation to that. therefore, my biggest inspiration was surfers - people, who risk their life but equally have fun while enjoying nature. 

IMG_0792 copy.JPG

CanO Water ended up posting all of the artworks on their website, including mine. my blue surfer crocodile can be found by visiting

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