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kamilė /ka-mi-le/ dovidauskytė

freelance illustrator & animator

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hello! my name is kamilė and i am a freelance lithuanian illustrator & animator, who is currently studying a bachelors degree in illustration. 

my passion for art started from quite a young age. i remember being in nursery school and drawing so much, that the teachers would run out of paper for me to use. art has never really left my life because during my years of school, i have always connected with it and done tasks/projects, which involved art. during 2017, i competed in a Polish art competition "Ex Digitalis", where my art was exhibited and subsequently printed in an art book. 



since then, i have done commissions for Kuršėnai (a city in Lithuania) government. i had to create a poster for their weekly crafts club. it still hangs to this day in Kuršėnai square!


plakatas su rastu.JPG
bubble bath GIF.gif

when creating art, i enjoy incorporating different textures into my pieces, therefore there is always random glued-in paper pieces in my sketchbooks, figures made from random stamps & many blob-like creatures.


i also am extremely interested in animation, therefore creating gifs and short skits is an activity i am often involved in. 


contact me! ★


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