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Kamile Dovidauskyte is a digital artist from Lithuania. From young age she's been creating cartoon characters and illustrating notebooks. This creativity evolved into making content for Youtube since the age of 8 for 8 years straight, which enabled her to gain a strong understanding in post production. Since then Kamile has been studying fine art at school.  2017 was a discovery for digital art. She has excelled and found a new pathway in art leading to entering international art competitions. December 2017 saw Kamile's ex-libris art work in the Ex Digitalis Salon, Poland. This has since been published work in the Ex Digitalis 2017 book. 2019 will see Kamile start university to continue studying digital illustration. 

  • 2017 - Lithuanian government organization photo contest - Top 10

  • 2017 - Ex Digitalis exhibition, Poland. Published work in exhibition and art book

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